About our organization

Zamzam Bangladesh was formed in Bangladesh with the patronization of the great souls behind the Zamzam to channel the resources into Bangladesh to fulfill its goals and objectives.

It is committed to reaching the less privileged/underserved people to fight poverty, hunger, disease, and ignorance with a non-political approach. It was later registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau of the Government of Bangladesh (Registration No: 2090) in the year 2006, and subsequently with the Social Welfare Department of Bangladesh. It is a ‘Sharia compliant’ organization and the spirit behind is helping others in need and guiding motto is “Allah is not merciful to him who is not so to mankind”. Zamzam Bangladesh is committed to prioritizing the greater needs of the people and takes action to respond accordingly.

“Together we can bring a change in the earth – the only hope for mankind.”

We can’t help everyone,
but everyone can help someone


Many people living in the slums are Muslims only by name. They do not know even the basics of Islam, right and the wrong etc. It is very hard to attain healthy growth of the community keeping the atmosphere of slum unattended. The task is gigantic and difficult for Zamzam at its’ present stage, however, Zamzam has taken up the challenge of throwing light of education among the slum children but fact is that the step is very small considering the extent.

Zamzam Paradise Garden (Orphans)

The impact of the cycle of poverty on helpless orphans and underprivileged children is strong and these children live in poverty and deprivation for the associated reasons. Social and economic deprivation hinders their physical and mental development, making it difficult for them to move beyond the poverty line to a normal life or mainstreaming.


Many young boys and girls in our society managed to acquire some education but remain idle and unemployed either because they don’t have enough education or the required skill for employment.  So, establishment of vocational training center with the aim to impart free skills development training to boys and girls from less fortunate families, that would make the youth force workable and self reliant as well. Since April 2011 it has been providing training in Eight disciplines.



It is a well-founded fact that 90% of the health care problem can be solved through good primary health care facilities. Zamzam has been facilitating primary health services through project named “Non-Formal Education with Health and Hygiene Support for Slum Children” with the financial support of “Palli Karma Shahayak Foundation”.

Moyeen Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury

Founder Chairman of ZamZam Bangladesh

The founders of ZamZam continue to provide significant on-going donations to the charity and give their time and effort to help the charity run effectively on a wholly voluntary basis.

At ZamZam we employ highly quality staff in our offices in Bangladesh to ensure projects are run with maximum efficiency. Our operations are transparent and we have a 100% donation policy as all administrative costs are covered by the founding members of ZamZam. Our accounts are audited by external bodies and we have systems in place to ensure donations can be tracked from the point of donation till expenditure.

Allah has reminded us numerous times about helping the poor, so we would like to appeal to everyone to come together and end poverty and hardships for our fellow brothers and sisters

I invite you to support me and my team in continuing to make ZamZam successful and grow it further so we can help even more needy people.

Our success stories

Our success stories

“Indeed, The Men Who Practice Charity And The Women Who Practice Charity And [They Who] Have Loaned Allah A Goodly Loan – It Will Be Multiplied For Them, And They Will Have A Noble Reward.”

AL-QUR’AN – 57:18

Operational Office

House # 52, Block – C
Kumarpara, Sylhet